Saturday 7 June 2008

Off the beaten track in EUR

Bel Ragazzo's parents were here for his birthday and since they have been to Rome before we decided to take them slightly off the tourist track in EUR. I have been here before but this time we went a little further a field just randomly walking around. If anyone lives in Rome and has never been then I do think it worth your while to take a stroll through EUR.

If you are a first time visitor to Rome then it will not make the list of places to see...but for those who want to get away from the touristy places then take the metro out and find this strange architectural place. When Mussolini gave the go ahead for this place to be built he must have had a thousand visions running through his mind and decided to go with them all. EUR is a strange combination of modern buildings trying to look old, and new buildings trying to look high tech. If you ask me though I think it works and is a refreshing change from the ancient historic centre which I see every day.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo's - I hope to come to Rome and study for a few months so I would like to go and visit this place. I am looking for the not very tourist Rome.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Sally,
That is exciting that you may be coming to Rome for a while. If you do then I would head down to EUR for sure.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I went to EUR during my second trip to Rome and thought the architecture was really interesting.

Nice photos.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Nyc,
It is interesting isn't it? Something different for Rome.