Thursday 2 October 2008

Heading to the toe of the boot

I still have not heard when I am finishing in Rome and where I am going from here, but I am trying (rather unsuccessfully) not to think about it too much.

Instead I am getting excited about spending a month or two in bel ragazzo's paese. There are so many towns I want to visit, so many beautiful places I have heard of. We will not be restricted to Calabria, but I would like to explore this area a lot more. If anyone knows of a particularly lovely place to visit then please drop me a comment or email so I can do some investigation!

The most exciting thought is to spend Christmas in the village...and to learn the secrets of the mal occhio on Christmas Eve. According to Italian folk law, one can only learn the secrets of the evil eye on Christmas Eve. Bel ragazzo spoke with his mum last night and she is happy to impart her wisdom onto us the night before Christmas. I cannot wait!


nikinpos said...

Loads of places to see! Can't help you though cos I havent explored much down south even though I should have done!

LaLa said...

Now don't go hurtin anybody while trying out your evil eye!! :))

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Charlie,
There are lots of places to see and I'm so excited that I will finally have time to see them all without being in a rush.

Hi Lala,
HA! I will try not to cause harm ;)