Saturday 4 October 2008

Off the tourist track in Rome...just a bit

I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Well that is the only excuse that I can think of to justify why I decided to do a spot of shopping this morning. What is so strange about that you ask? is Saturday and I avoid the centre of Rome like the plague on the weekend. It is over run with people on a 'weekend break' and you cannot get through the crowds of tourists. To make matters worse most of the buses were diverted this morning. I had no idea why. I found out that on this morning, the morning that I decided to go shopping was the same day that the Pope has decided to make his way from the Vatican to the Quirinale which is where the President of Italy lives. Due to this venture of the Pope there were massive road diverts, buses going off course, police re-directing people...and a little bit of chaos.

Oh well...I learnt my lesson.

Since I am leaving Rome I have also decided (ok...the idea was bel ragazzo's - not mine) to impart some of my Rome wisdom and tips onto you. We all know the main places to go and things to see in Rome, but I will suggest a few places that are more off the tourist track. Still within reach but not so touristy. Stay tuned for these in the coming week. For now I'll redirect you back to on older post when I went to EUR The easiest way to get here is on the Line B metro (the blue line.) You may bump into the odd tourist there, but there are no tour buses, no guides trying to keep track of their makes a nice break from the chaos of ancient Rome.

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Anonymous said...

Off-beaten and away from the tour buses, that's exactly the local wisdom that OurExplorer appreciates! Travelers can't know a place for a short stay. So travel through the eyes of a local would be much fun and unique. :D
local guides, local wisdom

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Jean, I agree with you thatetting tips from the locals really is the best way to travel.