Monday 10 September 2007

Change of address - where? Not sure yet

Soon I will find out where I shall be working for the first half of winter and next summer. Working in the tourism industry means we are seasonal workers, and we move around to different areas. My companies Sicily summer season ends mid/end October. For me, the months of July and August were relatively quiet. Taormina and all Italian sea side towns may have been over run by Italian holiday makers, but the English stayed put in their the flood ravaged UK, as it's too hot for them over the summer. Now that the Italians have gone back to work, the English, Germans, Swedish, Americans and even Australians have come to overtake this pretty little town. I am not used to hearing Australian accents anymore as I am the only Australian here.

I have a busy 4, 6, 8...? weeks left before I move. We get to request 3 places we'd like to work, and may or may not get it. I've asked to work back in Rome for the first half of winter and if I don't get Rome,  Venice then Florence. Fingers crossed it will be the eternal city as Rome is one of my favourite cities, especially during the Christmas period.

Chi lo sa?... I will keep you posted.


Roam2Rome said...

So you're "maybe" moving to Rome? YEY! :) Well, sounds like you'll be arriving to Rome a bit before I do! Wow...

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

I'll find out on the 25th September what fate awaits me. Hope it will be Rome. As you know it is a fantastic place to live!