Wednesday 27 February 2008

Settling in

You always take a risk returning to the same place to work and live - well with my job anyway. Being a seasonal worker you can either have a great, average or horrible season...and working in the tourist industry your seasons can be very long or very short depending on location. You may have had a fantastic season working at a particular resort; made life long friends, got along with all your colleagues, had a beautiful apartment and generally enjoyed life. What happens however if you return to the same resort the year later and all of your life long friends have gone, your apartment has been changed for the worse, you can't seem to get along with any of your new colleagues and you know it's going to be a long couple of months...

I have heard horror stories from colleagues, but thankfully these thoughts never crossed my mind about returning to Rome. Lots has already changed; my apartment is new however much better then the last one, my friends are no longer here but that leaves room to spread my wings and make new friends, my colleague is yet to arrive so I have the luxury and stress of working alone for a month and when he does arrive I think we will work and live well together and last but not least my bel ragazzo is not here YET so fingers crossed on that one... The best thing however is that Rome is the Eternal City and that will never change.


Jessica said...

Welcome back! We should get together for a drink sometime!

Anonymous said...

Ok mantra. l am living in ROMA!! Everything will workout fine. How great is it that you wanted to work in Rome and now you are. See your colleagues as creative inspiration for some blog material :)

LULU said...

in bokka al lupo leanne... or break leg...or ....I'm one our your readers ...I like the way you write and you have been the first person I've been reading a blog from...Really!!!! then from your website I've started to get approach to other life's too (Lucio e Manuel and many more). ... AH.... I' ve opened my blog too...keep you update...un bacioen a te ed al tuo bel ragazzo ;-) lulu

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Ciao Jessica,
We should catch up for a drink sometime - that would be great! I'll drop you an email

Cleopantha - you'll get over to this side of the world before you know it. And Positano is a great place to be based (as you know)

Ciao lulu,
If I really am the first blog you read then you cannot imagine how happy that makes me! Grazie mille - veramente sono contenta.