Thursday 15 May 2008

The all ok - tutto posto!

Got my blood tests back yesterday (well not literally as they are down in Calabria so bel ragazzo's fratello texted him to say I am ok. Well - you would think I would be pleased, and in a sense I am as I was tested for some conditions that my twin and sister have (and luckily I do not have this) and also for something that my dad, maternal grandmother and brother have (and too I do not have this) so yes - good news there...but you know when you feel unwell, feel as though you are operating at 95% instead of 100%? That is what I feel like and I am certain there is still something not quite right.

Since everyone seems to think I am hypochondriac, that being my only illness then I have begun to think perhaps they are a teeny bit correct. (Just a teeny bit.) When my twin sister told me she was unwell I have to be truthful and tell you I suddenly felt SO ill. She had told me all her symptoms and suddenly I had them too..She said she felt light headed (me too, after the cinema one night I was sure I was going to faint) her legs felt numb all the time (well - come to mention it my legs over night felt SO numb...perhaps I never have noticed before.) Her eyes were bloated and puffy (thankfully mine remained normal) but her heart beat was extra strong (mine suddenly felt like it was going to pop out of my chest) and she was depressed and very sad (I am normally happy but then started to think perhaps I am a little sad too? I didn't feel sad but maybe I didn't realise that I was depressed?)

Ok...OK...I know what you are all thinking, that I am defiantly a hypochondriac- but once my twin started taking medication, and rang me to say she felt better...then low and behold I felt so much better too! My numb legs vanished in a second, my depression was never even there, and my heart started to beat a little more normally. Perhaps I was just having twin sympathy.

So now I am still 'certain' there is something a little wrong, and my twin mentioned AFTER I had the blood tests that the doctor should have tested me for I have self diagnosed myself with this (and my friend Alfredo looked into my eyes yesterday and said I was a little anemic...not sure how he could tell?) I have done some research and think this is most probable as I have the symptoms and am a vegetarian so do not get much iron in my diet. I am on a new diet which I started 2 days ago and feel so much more 'strong' already. I am trying to eat lots of lentils, spinach, almonds, name it, if it is rich in iron it is going into my mouth (as long as it is not in meat or fish form.)I will be really good and stick to my diet for 2 months and then if I still feel unwell I can go back to Calabria and get some more blood tests done.

Does anyone out there have a twin and understand what I am saying? Does anyone out there think I AM a hypochondriac?

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