Friday 23 May 2008

Rain rain go away

It has been raining pretty much non-stop here in Rome for over a week now, with the last few days in particular being exceptionally strong. The news is full of families being evacuated from their homes, houses flooded, cars washed off the roads...the worst I had was my bathroom flood which was a giant deep puddle! Oh, and don't forget my parents are here so they have not seen one little bit of sunny Italy. I told mum to make pack plenty of sunscreen so she didn't get burnt, I did not however tell them to bring wet weather gear.

Oh well, at least they are able to look on the bright side as there is next to no rain in Australia as they are in the midst of a drought with heavy water restrictions in place. My parents were therefore able to say how nice it was to see so much rain, just a shame it is on the wrong side of the world!

They are now in Calabria, in dad's home village so stories will be coming...from Rome, fro Calabria and from Puglia. You may however notice the lack of photo's recently on my blog. That is because when my bel ragazzo was in London, he left me his camera which I subsequently dropped from quite high up whilst trying to take a nice photo on a rather hot day. The camera is a little worse for wear and does not function at all so for the time being we are camera-less...

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