Tuesday 29 July 2008

My move to Italy - Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1...

After back packing around Europe I followed my twin and her husband to London as I had nothing better to do. Really - that's the only reason I went! I am a bit lazy and since they were going I thought 'why not tag along for a while.' I never wanted to go to London, I actually was anti-London for some bizarre reason.

So I found myself in London, meeting up with some old friends and slowly the days turned into weeks and as the story goes 'weeks turned into months...' and those months turned into years.

I will say it again - I am lazy. I am lazy but I must be very, very lucky.

My twin sister and I stumbled into great jobs weeks after arriving in London where we worked for the whole of our two years there. As the first year passed we returned to Australia for our older sisters wedding, but were eager to get back...life for us was great.

I often thought of Italy but more so as a destination for our next holiday, rather then a place I wanted to live. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to live there one day, but I wasn't quite ready yet - besides I was having too much fun in London!

After two years my twin sister and her husband had to leave the UK as my brother in laws visa had expired. I had been doing a little research into living in Italy, but nothing serious. My friends were starting to head back to Australia, my twin sister and husband had to go - so since I am lazy and once again had nothing better to do I thought I may as well tag along too.

So I left the UK and went to live in Melbourne again.

Here things got a little confusing as I originally was going back to Australia for a 3 month holiday as I did not feel as though I was 'done' with the northern hemisphere. My 3 months turned into 8 months as my twin sister announced she was getting married so I decided to stay and make a go of life in Australia.

Don't forget though that I still had that return ticket. That return ticket that would set the ball rolling....in a totally different direction.


Anonymous said...

A fried recommended your blog as I want to move to Italy and one day hope to get my Italian passport (grandparents born there.)
I look forward to the rest of the tales of how you moved to Italy...and hope one day I can write my own story!

From Silvia (USA)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Silvia,
Nice to hear from you. Goodluck with your Italian passport and I am sure you will have your story to tell one day :)