Tuesday 22 July 2008

Out of Order

I am still not sure if I will be moving to the termini train station...or actually perhaps I will move to Stazione Tiburtina if the zingari will let me on their turf.

The contract of all contracts for the new apartment still has not been signed but I will know tomorrow if bel ragazzo and I will be living in Garbatella. The agent has sent a very direct email to the owner saying that if he does not sign the contract by tomorrow afternoon then he can say goodbye to having a multi million dollar company paying rent for his dark and dinky apartment. Ok - those were not the agents actual words but you get my drift.

So we are up in the air waiting for tomorrow to know if we have to yet again search for a new place to live. I hope not as I really cannot be bothered...

On a brighter note did I mention that my current apartment is on the 6th floor?...Well one could really say 8th floor since you have to walk up a flight of stairs, then across the courtyard then up another flight of stairs to reach the ground floor...

Oh, sorry sarcasm doesn't come across well in a blog does it?

I was wanting to say that I live on the 6th/8th floor and my lift is out of order for the whole week plus a little of next week, so excuse me if my blog entries are a little...bitter shall we say. Nothing more then possibly being homeless mixed with unwanted exercise in the heat of summer to make a girl bitter.

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