Wednesday 9 July 2008

Random Calabria

Bel ragazzo and I are like most people who have a digital camera...we take thousands of photos and then never print them. Well...we used to take thousands of photos until I accidentally dropped and broke his camera, which leaves us with my old digital one whose battery life is a few hours on a good day.

That is about to change - no - we have not bought a new digital camera - yet. We have found a place to print them for 0,08 each which is a bargain in Italian terms if you ask me. The Internet cafe across the road has a sign in the window, although when I asked about it the man looked as though he had no idea what I was talking about as I don't think he even knew there was a sign there...So maybe this is not a good sign but I am going to go over the road and print off 195 that I have saved onto CD. If they come out then I will send the rest of the millions off to get printed! (Now to find some cheap photo albums...)

Here are some random shots of Calabria taken from the CD I am about to get printed.

Fiumefreddo - a gorgeous village which has the old town above complete with a castle and the seaside below. I miss the sea...

Some photos from a village called Grimaldi. It is up the road from bel ragazzo's village although the old town is very run down - I still think it is nice.

Everyone got to have a cantina for storing gallons and gallons of wine.

And of course don't forget the Calabrese love, love LOVE peperoncino. So much so we need to have it drying out in as many places as possible.

I meant to say the love peperoncino and Padre Pio (see his little statue?)


Anonymous said...

I found your blog while planning for an upcoming "roots" trip to Italy this fall. My family are Calabrese who immigrated to Canada, which is partly why I enjoy your stories. To my surprise you stopped in Grimaldi, which is where my mom is from and where we'll be in October. Thanks for sharing.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Deb,
I am often in Grimadli as it is the town next door to my boyfriends village (he is from Malito.) Who knows - his family probably knows your family :)Have a great trip in October!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! My grandparents' family names were Mauro & Anselmo. I'm sure people from those neighbouring villages are either paesani or parenti. :)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Deb,
My boyfriend as heard of the family Anselmo! He does not know them personally - but he may know some of the cousins or some of the younger generation. Small world hey??!!!