Wednesday 3 September 2008

A visit from the Polizia!

A moment ago someone rang the door bell and I, still dressed in my pyjama's at 12.30 in the afternoon (hey! I work from home. Who says you need to be dressed up to use the computer!) assumed it was the work men from upstairs who need to repair the hole they made in our roof.

I dashed into the bedroom thinking no one had seen me and sat on the bed whilst listening to bel ragazzo talking to some men. I could not hear all they were saying, but it surely was not the workmen. I heard them say something about the 'signorina' in the other room and I came out, feeling like a clandestina as they had obviously seen me dash into the bedroom when they entered the house.

These two men were from the Police and wanted some information about something or another which I have promised bel ragazzo I would not mention on the blog. Actually he did not want me to write anything at all but a visit from the Police is too exciting not to share! I came out of the bedroom and had on these really short shorts and a matching top so excused my pyjamas and said that was why I was hiding in my room. They did not care, they were very polite and apologised for the intrusion but they were after some information about something and I was happy to tell them what I knew (or thought I had heard...) I tried to be clear with my memories and bel ragazzo had told them he did not know anything, but I on the other hand am quite sure I heard something the other night in relation to their questions.

I love to help the police. Bel ragazzo does not think too highly of law enforcement as he says most of them in Italy are corrupt. I have no experience with Italian police but know that my brother in law is a police officer in Melbourne and that I have a bit of experience with police in Melbourne and in London. I am not a thief or anything like that, it is just that I like to help people and when I was living in London I witnessed someone being stabbed at the local pub whilst I was enjoying a glass of wine with some friends. (It was not my local pub, as we used to frequent a very nice place. It was the pub next door to my pub where the stabbing took place. It was in broad daylight and really not scary. The CSI team came and cordoned off the area but we were all allowed to stay inside the police tape and continue with our afternoon. I was only too happy to give a statement when the police came around table to table asking for help!)

So now I have helped the police in Italy too! I am not going to become an obsessed vigilante, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open and have made a phone call to my rental agency to see if I can secure a contact name and number for someone who might be able to help the police out. I know it is wrong to be so excited about a police visit when it could relate to a crime but I really want to know what happened as bel ragazzo is so laid back and calm he did not even bother to ask!


Monika said...

I'm VERY sure they didn't mind the short shorts!!
Italian police are still Italian men after all!
Even if you did the crime they were after (which I know you didn't), I'm sure that would have helped you get out of it haha!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Monkia,
I am sure the police thought I was crazy as I ran into the bedroom when they came!
Also their questions were not relating to us, but someone in the building...

Kim B. said...

I say good for you for helping them with their inquiries. I think I kind of understand bel ragazzo's reluctance to get involved (it seems very italian to me, frankly, given my italian family experience) but i think it's so important as a good citizen/resident . . .wouldn't WE want someone to provide whatever information they could that might help catch someone who had done something to us? Maybe by your small action, you can start changing attitudes . ..

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi KimB,
I think it is quite Italian not to trust the police. For me it is good to help, but more so exciting! I love CSI and all those shows and love a bit of mystery...