Friday 10 October 2008

Are Italian men hot or what?

Some more questions have come in! I love to answer questions and I hope to be leaving Rome soon so ask me about Rome/Italy while you once I leave here I hope to never live in the Eternal City again.

Jewel wants to know "are all Italian men hot or is that just a stereotype?"

Good question! I would first like to state that perhaps I am biased as I am of Italian blood and more importantly I have found myself one of the best looking and nicest Italians in Italy. So in my opinion a lot of Italian men are particular the Calabrese! (Sorry, but my bel ragazzo is from Calabria - so it's true!)

Italian men seem to be better looking then other nationalities since they take such pride in their appearance. It does not matter what sort of look they have, be it classy, grunge, casual or retro...what ever it is their look is very rarely achieved by accident.

Italian men even admit that they like to look good and they like to match. Bel ragazzo will not like that I wrote this on my blog (damn him speaking fluent English!)but he likes to match his shoes with his belt...he thinks this is quite normal. He would never, ever dream of leaving the house with his tracksuit on even if it is to just pop downstairs to buy some bread. Even when we go to the park for a picnic he likes his runners to match his t-shirt...and my bel ragazzo is hardly fashion conscious when compared to other Italians.

You have the sexy men in their 3 piece suits who really do look like they came off the runway and you have at the other end of the scale the Italians who I think are 'too cool for school.' I noticed this the other day whilst out and about that even the most 'casually dressed' Italians are so cool with the latest fashion accessories. The actual faces may not be that attractive, but often you are so distracted by the amazing dress sense that the face is not even important.

Some Italians however go overboard with their 'look' and a lot of Italian men and women can be very vain. A lot are also so obsessed with looking like everyone else, or better then everyone else, or having to have the latest pair of Ray Bans that they will spend all their money on designer clothes, and be in debt all their lives. I wrote about my experience with the folk of Cosenza here

There is also a common misconception that Italians are all dark, sexy and sultry. A lot of people come to Italy with the day dream that all Italians are dark haired, dark eyed Lotharios. A lot are dark haired and eyed but there are also a lot of blonds, red heads, blue eyes, green eyes and pale skined Italians floating around. (My bel ragazzo has gorgeous green eyes.) In the north of Italy you will find a lot of lighter featured people, while the further south you go generally they do tend to be darker types. Saying this however when I lived in Sicily last year I was shocked at the number of blue eyed men there were.

All in all as a whole I think that Italians are some of the best look men that I have ever come across. There are obviously lots of badly dressed, ugly Italians out there but the well dressed, good looking Italians make up for this. The main reason Italians seem to be so much better looking then other nationaities is their attitude, their confidence and the way they carry themselves. Nothing can be better looking then a man (or woman) who is sure of themselves.

What do you think? Anyone aree or disagree that Italians are amongst some of the best looking people


Jewel said...

I am having trouble getting passed that top pic to actually read your post.

Thanks for picking my most important question to answer first ;-)

I'm looking forward to coming to Italy and checking out all the fine 'art'.

Anonymous said...

Oh la la! Quel bel homme!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Jewel,
The model is a little distracting isn't he!? Before coming to Italy at least you can do lots of homework in Melbourne at least since there are so many Italians living there...Head down to Lygon St if you need a little 'taste of Europe.' Not quite the real thing, but better then nothing!

Hi Andrea,
Yes, Che bell'uomo!

Anonymous said...

What you wrote about "The actual faces may not be that attractive, but often you are so distracted by the amazing dress sense that the face is not even important." is cracking me up! :)

But true, it is the confidence they possess that can make them attractive and I agree that Italians are among the best looking in the world :)

buon weekend!

Bitter Chocolate said...
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Bitter Chocolate said...

Ooh, now that's a topic for me! I don't find the general stereotype of Italian men attractive at all - the dark affeminite 'pretty boys' with a massive amount of gel on their hair aren't my thing... But I'm very aware of the fact that all of them aren't like that. I think I've never met an unattractive guy from the north of Italy... or, to be more precice, pretty much all northern Italians I've met were drop-dead gorgeous. Ok, mayb I'm exagerating a bit. But you get the picture... The fact how carefully they always work their look out into the very last detail freaks me out a bit, because I couldn't care less about such things although I'm a girl, but it works for them. And you're so completely right about them being so very different in the way they carry themselves - Italian guys (especially particular ones) walk in such a sexy way, somehow the fact that they're attractive is not really caused by their physical appearance but by their pure existence.

Erm... ok, I'm done with the besotted talk lol. Let's just say that I agree with you :DDD

Bitter Chocolate said...

PS: Sorry for the deleted comments, had some technical troubles with posting...

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, I love Italian men. Not particularly a look but just the way there are in general. I dated 4 different Italian men in my life. They all had something that other men I've dated in my own country (Canada) lacked - being emotionally available.
They seemed to allow me to express my emotions and vice versa which I think allowed for greater intimacy. There is also the sensuality factor. They were all incredibly generous and passionate men. So, there is my two cents on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I like men that are taller than me and Italian men are normally on the shorter side! And yes while some are pleasing to the eye I vote for Aussie farm boys (one of which I happen to have!) - then again like you I am biased in my own regard :)
Love Twin

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Carla,
Glad I made you laugh! So many Italians hide behind their sunglasses too that I am sure there are many ugly faces going un-noticed! Maybe I'll write a post about that...

Hi BitterChoc,
It is all about how the carry themselves, but I agree some really go a little far with attention to detail that it too makes me think...maybe I should pay more attention. But then I am lazy so cannot be bothered!

Hi Ms Violetta,
Good point you make about expressing the emotions. It is so easy with Italians as they are very emotional and open people. This in itself is appealing!

Hi Twin,
That is one thing that I did not mentione, a lot of Italians in particular from the south are quite short. You remember the size of them in Policastrello. Thankfully I am short so there is not such an issue!
And you can vote for Aussie farm boys, I think a lot of people would agree with you too.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Well I'm a bit biased myself, but I have to agree with you. Especially on the Calabrese part ;)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Michelle,
Yeah, I think we are in the same boat with the Italian blood and Calabrese men! We are lucky :)

dalia said...

what surprised me most about my stay in italy is that so many italian men were short. like, really, really. i was in pisa... my beau at the time was six foot plus and gorgeous, and so i expected most of the guys around to look like him. alas, when i finally made it to italia, i was sadly mistaken.

"what happened to you?" i asked him teasingly... "you're so tall!"

Rosa said...

My daughter is 18 and has had a long distance relationship with an Italian 'man' which has lasted for several years now. I thought that going to the UK would spark her interest in English students there but she tells me she hasn't seen one goodlooking male yet. Her guy is like a black sun who's smile truely illuminates his face!- what hope do they have in the UK?!!!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Dalia,
You are right, a lot of Italian men are short...but that is fine with me as I am short too! If I was tall then it may be more difficut to find someone my height.

Hi Scintilla,
I lived in London for a few years and I saw a few good looking men but not that many to be honest. I love English people, but so many of them seem so shy and it takes many drinks for them to talk to you - and by that stage they are drunk!

Piccola said...

Although I am not Italian, I am biased because of the Italian in my life. They're just so beautiful, aren't they? However, mine is Pugliese. I had a laugh about them having to look good just to go get bread. Ale says his sister has to put on high heels to take out the trash. He calls her a fashion victim. I think he mentioned this to me because I go out in my pj's to take out the trash.
I have seen some rather strange fashion in Italu though. Like orange pants!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Piccola,
So your Ale is Pugliese - my grandparents are both Pugliese! Such a beautiful part of Italy. How funny that the sister wears heels to take out the trash. I am like you and would be more inclined to take the trah out in my pjs!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of that model. Mmmm, yummy! LOL. I have to agree, Italian men are hot. I'm currently dating an Italian man and you are completely correct. The guy I'm seeing is all about his appearance. He always looks good. Always.

He's just too cute and yes, he is not what people think of when they think of the dark Italian as he has lighter coloring with blue eyes.

I also noticed he's got...something that no American guy I've met has (I'm from U.S.). Can't put my finger on it, he's just so not macho like other men, yet he is definitely a man (oh boy yes he is!!). He's goofy, has a sense of humor, is intelligent, considerate, and woohoo, very passionate, damn I'm talking very *fans face*.lol.

I don't know what it is about him, one thing I noticed (not sure if this is how a lot of Italian men are), but he was so big on pursuing me. LIke, I had never met a man so persistent before and he wouldn't take no!! He charmed me that's for sure, and that accent *sigh*.

Anyways, yes as you can tell I totally agree with you. Italian men are hot!!! =)

Anonymous said...

well if ur still in rome u should go 2 the vatican museum and get the nae nd number of a guy that's around 24 white light eyes tall and in a suit and give it 2 me because we eye locked and talked he called me bella and i had to leave really fast but i really really liked him so be my savior plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with your comment about northern Italy. I am on my first trip in Italy, staying in Bologna and my goodness these boys are good looking! :D I'd say at least 75% have these amazingly gorgeous grey blue eyes and they spend time on their appearance and they all smell AMAZING! hahaha. like you said there are plenty of the guys who go overboard, with the hair gel, the metallic clothes and what I like to call the "strut". but overall I am overwhelmed by the fact that everytime I walk out my door I see a minimum of 5-7 DROP DEAD GORGEOUS guys(stepped out of a magazine), not to mention the 20+ extremely attractive men I also get a chance to look at. which just doesn't happen where I'mfrom. lol. I can't say I'm not enjoying it :D Being a blonde american girl I'm getting my fair share of attention haha which is beyond fun! and they're tall!!!! which is big for me being 5'9". I never want to leave hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

haha I completely agree with daydreamer. The Italian men have a way of being extremely macho in a kind of subtle way. I think it was to do with the confidence factor...they just eminate manliness without having to "act" like a man. It's extremely refreshing and addicting. :D :D I never want to go out with anyone NOT Italian ever again..haha

Anonymous said...

Im currently dating an italian man *drools* and i was thinking earlier, "what are the chances of me finding another man like this ever again???" cuz hes tall, blonde, blue-eyed, kind, caring,PASSIONATE (and looks good in anything....and out of anything :P) and pursued me for a year before finally kissing me (and knocking me off my feet) and now i find that theyre all like moving to italy..... where i shall hopefully not get caught staring =P

Leona said...

Italian men are gorgeous. There is something to be said for an Italian guy with their dark look that just knocks me off my feet. WOW

Anonymous said...

I had my share of international relationships. Italians are by far the hottest and best-looking men I dated. Especially macho rugged blue-collar Italian bad boys found in construction sites. Oh my God!
Upon close inspection sometimes they lack imagination in bed, but they enjoy being trained almost as much as I enjoy training them.

Anonymous said...

The model is so hot! What's his name?

2 for 1 suits said...

Italian men are hot because of the way they dress. I bought some Italian suits for sale and I bought them cheap yet they're great!

Anonymous said...

omg i've always been attracted to tall dark haired guys - my uni crush was half italian - yum...just last week i decided my other half is somewhere in italy. I have been told they are quite the charmers...for example a couple of months back my Italian property manager (PM) inspected more than just my flat (he couldn't help looking at my two 'girls' what happened next i shall not say) Lol@ the comment about them being on the short side cos my PM is just that. The italian boys i went to school with were short come to think of it...
HOWEVER my PMs brother is mega hot and tall with green eyes!!! I only just met him today too bad he's married lol but i'm soooo going over to Italy...or to Melbourne lol...although i already do live in Sydney's own little Italy lol

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi daydreamer,

Hope life is still going well with your hot Italian guy!

Dear anon,
Hope you got the name and number of your guy. Fingers crossed for you.

Dear anon,
I am sure you are getting-got lots of attention!

Dear anon,
It is a lot to do with the confidence thing, for sure.

Dear anon,
Your italian sounds hot and romantic!

Dear Leona,
Yep, got to love the dark look.

Dear anon,
So it's blue collar workers for you then! I'll have to go past some constructions sites and have a look at what you're talking about.

Hi Anon, No idea what the models name is, but

Hi Lara,
They do dress well, generally speaking of course.

Hi Anon,
If you can't move to Italy then Melbourne should keep you happy!

khusbhu said...

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Anonymous said...

I wish people would stop basing their ideas on Italians off Sicilian-Americans (nearly all of the Italian Americans are Sicilians). Yes Siclians are stereotypical short, and yes they are stereotypicaly dark, but thats one side of Italy. Italy is the most diverse country in Europe. People do not look one way nor do they have one height. Stop trying to generalize a nation as heterogeneous as Italy you will fail every time. Sicilians do not represent all Italians. Its just like the mafia crap i cringe when i hear it as it has nothing to do with Italians. Only Sicilians. The average height for males in Italy is 5'9. That is comparable to most Western European nations including Britain. The only nations who far exceed are Netherlands & Scandinavia. Problem is most Scandinavian men look effeminate and the Dutch are just downright ugly like the British. They practically look British. Just like Western Norwegians.

Anonymous said...

Aww Italian guys!! Just cant beat em :) :P :D

Anonymous said...

Italians are short and stocky as a general rule. Tending towards hairy as well, especially southern italians. If you like black hair and roman noses italians are for you.

Unknown said...

lol @ annoymous. Obviously you have never been to Italy or else you would have seen the hundreds of effeminate Italian walking around with their tight shirts and arched eyebrows. How are Scandinavian boys effeminate? even Italian football is x10 more effeminate than anything in Northern Europe. Never do you see Northern European players kissing each other lol. Its might funny how someone can call Scandinavian effeminate considering it was Italy with the history of being big on homosexuality. Hell the whole Italian/French model scene what was birthed the Metrosexual craze in the first place. So you have Italy to thank for the current metrosexual phase.

Secondly you're entirely wrong. Italian are not as tall as most western Europeans they are significantly shorter than the French even and Ive been to both nations.

You also need to stop the spouting of North Italians being taller. Northern Italy hasn't been Northern Italy for years. Through the years Italy has had TONS of internal migration from Southern Italy to the point most Northern italian cities are FILLED with Southern Italians. The few North Italians left numbers are dwindling by the amount of Southern Italians living in their region do to better quality of life.

Italians are no better looking than any other group. But you can bet your ass Italians are the loudest and least modest. Which is why they annoy people often. Scandinavians take care of themselves just as much and they do it without the help of cosmetic surgery (Italy has the highest cosmetic surgery rate in Europe) and they also do it without shouting to everyone else how hot they are.

Anonymous said...

The average height of Italians born in 1980 is 174.58 cm. It is higher in the northern regions (up to 178 cm in Veneto and Friuli). The avergae stature of Italians has been increasing 1 cm every decade,so those born in 1990 are about 1 cm taller. Many Scandinavian men have a round baby face with a small nose and do not look very manly. Not many Scandinavians look like actor Dolph Lundgren. Italy is one of the leanest countries in the EU, Scandinavia has a greater percentage of obese men than Italy. Scandinavian men may be 1 to 2 cms taller than Northern Italians on average but may also be fatter and with rounder features of the face and a small nose. If you take 1,000 scandinavian men there will be a dozen of Dolph Lundgrens but the rest will not be "hot". If you take 1,000 northern italian men at least half will be rated as "hot" by women.

Anonymous said...

italians are well known to be shorter than other europeans except perhaps the spanish. even the italians overseas are shorter. no idea why.

Anonymous said...

Meh. the obsession with italians and height is funny. everyone knows italians are short. why the hate. they have plenty of other redeeming features.

redjan said...

I've lived in Italy for over 11 years and have dated more than my fair share or Italian men.

If you want someone who spends more time looking in the mirror than you do to get ready, then go ahead.

They are charming but shallow. You won't get anything meaningful from them. They know how to charm but really there isn't anything deep there.

My advice, enjoy it while it lasts. Society here is very sexist and women are seen as beautiful creatures who are there to please men.

Sorry if it shatters some illusions, but it's the truth.