Tuesday 14 October 2008

Still in Rome for a little while longer

I am still waiting for my winter placement... Yes - I know - still. And yes - I know it is almost winter.

The financial crisis is affecting us all, especially us in the tourism industry. Customers are not buying holidays, therefore they have reduced the number of winter staff, and to make it fair are trying to offer all of us at least half a winters work. Bel ragazzo works in a different department and it has been confirmed that he is going to Fueteventura (Canary Islands) for the 2nd half of winter. He is very happy as that was where he wanted to go. I hope to be placed with him, or at least on an island close by, but to be honest I have no idea where they will send me. I am trying not to think about it too much, but I really would like to know where in the world I will go...at least we know that we are going to be in Malito, Calabria for a while...but then again - who knows!

In the mean time I am here in Rome for a few more weeks. At least the weather has taken a turn and we have had some very pleasant, even hot days. We took advantage of the weather and went out for a stroll with Nikita on Sunday. Who is Nikita you ask? Well she is our brand new camera of course! We had been saving for a while to buy a professional camera, and although we don't really know how to use her, we cannot wait to learn. These photos are taken with my stupid old camera...as Nikita would never take photo's of such poor quality!

Bel ragazzo and I can often be found on Via Urbana, or around that area. We decided to introduce Nikita to this central, but some what less touristy part of Rome. Wandering through these small cobbled streets you feel as though you are in a different place altogether:


Piccola said...

I love those beautiful Italian doors. I remember when I would stroll around Rome and found some open I would stick my head inside and the courtyards were absolutely beautiful. Lush with greenery and flowers and fountains.
This financial mess is pretty much affecting the world. I've lost 30% of my retirement fund. I feel bad for the older folks that are getting ready to retire.
I pray you get the assignment you are hoping for. Waiting is torture, isn't it?

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Piccola,
You've lost 30% of your pension? That's not good at all...you sort of feel like 'what was the point of savng it if it dissapears!'
But onto brighter things I too love have a sticky beak into other peoples apartments!