Tuesday 27 January 2009

Hot spell in Australia

I've just come back from a nice extra long weekend at the beach...only to find that the hot spell is coming over the next few days, starting today with a forecasted top of 41 degrees. Apparently it will be the longest and hottest spell in over 100 years - with the 41 degrees Celsius being traded in on Saturday for a mild 35 degrees. Ha! Hottest spell in 100 years is saying a lot when Australia was officially founded by European settlers in 1788.

So I am declaring that I cannot possibly blog in such heat, especially since I am back in Melbourne away from the cool ocean breeze!


Anonymous said...

How good is it to be back in Australia!!!! I'm loving it! Hugs xxx

Gil said...

Interesting about the heat. I think I just figured out why the kangaroos are hopping about - the ground is too hot for their poor little paws to take for more than a second or so!

Hope you guys are enjoying the great weather.

Jewel said...

I'm just waiting for the blackouts to start. My mum called to say that the power has gone out in her area.

The power to an intersection was out this afternoon and there were police out directing traffic in 40+ degrees, I felt so sorry for them.

It's funny, a few weeks ago it was oh yay it's our first hot day, now with yet another 40+ day looming (that's over 104 farenheit) it's not so much fun any more. I don't want to jinx it by saying this but at least it's not humid.

Carolina said...

Ugh! You certainly have had your fair share of weather extremes in these past few months... :(

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Carm,
It is good to be back...but it sure is hot!

Hi Gil,
I never thought about the poor animals who have to jump on the burning hot ground. Poor little things.

Hi Jewel,
I am so glad I was out of Melbourne for the heat wave. I would have surely passed out if there had been no electricity.

Hi L'Americana,
I sure have been getting the extremes!