Wednesday 22 April 2009

Learning to lie in Sorrento

So the driving is sort of under control at the moment...the real test will come tomorrow as I brave the autostrada for the first time. I figure if I can do the Amalfi Drive I can do anything, and bel ragazzo has told me I can drive at 100 km/hr if I don't feel up to speeding by at 120 (but he has told me I cannot no go any slower then 100 as that is dangerous!) I am off to Cilento for a night to see some hotels there and cannot wait to stock up with buffalo mozzarella!

So I have sort of learnt to drive, and I have also learnt how to lie here in Sorrento. I am quite a vocal person who likes to speak my mind. It's not that I don't like lying...I just don't really see the point as if someone does not like my opinion then that is there problem! Or so one would think.

The other night, after a nerve racking experience driving to some small hill top town for dinner, my friend and I decided to have a digestivo down here in Sorrento. The bar tender asked us what we were doing here and how we were liking Sorrento. I proceeded to tell him that we were working here and that my heart had actually been set on going to Sicily, but Sorrento was not so bad. But what is with the beach here? I mean, you can see the sea all beautiful and sparkling green, but then you cannot actually get to it...there are these silly bathing platform things which is not at all like going to the beach.

It was at this point I felt my friend kicking me quite violently under the table as the bar tenders smile turned into an angry frown. 'Are you crazy!' my friend hissed. 'You have to say that you love Sorrento and you are so happy to be here!'

'But...I am just telling the truth!' I muttered. 'I wasn't saying anything bad...well not really.'

I then tried to make amends by saying in a loud, enthusiastic voice 'ma il cibo qui e' buonissimo...' (the food here is really nice) but no one was even looking at me by that stage.

So another lesson learnt...'How do you like Sorrento?' 'Oh, well it is just too beautiful for words.' Ahhh...yes, I have learnt to lie in Sorrento.


Rosa said...

And don't forget to say that you think that Positano is the most beautiful place in the WORLD should anyone from there ask you...

nikinpos said...

Wanna meet up?

Jone said...

Leanne I have to agree with you completely here, I myself am a straight talker, actually all the women in my family were and still are. Unfortunately, as I have discovered, Italians are not. They love to bullshit to your face and tell you what you want to hear then of course they expect you to do the same I know it sounds crazy but if you've got an opinion they don't want to hear it unless it's like everybody elses, I call it pecora mentality. It's also because we're Aussies, and as you know we are an easygoing bunch who call a spade a spade without too many recriminations, we make honest observations and comment on them but here people don't appreciate it. You are right about the beaches, what beaches? platforms in the water isn't that what seals use? No thanks don't talk to me about beaches cause I've been to the best in the world, and the thought of going to one of these "beaches" watching people clamour after any piece of rock they can find, like seagulls fighting over a chip makes me laugh. Anyway I hope you don't have to lie too often because it's exhausting, by the way this is my personal opinion which you may or may not appreciate. Take care, can't wait for your next post.

Jewel said...

I find it impossible to lie to someone in person or over the phone. My face makes all these strange contortions and my voice falters. I'm well known for saying exactly what I think, it takes too much energy to lie.

The Food Hunter said...

what a great story..good luck driving.

Kataroma said...

I agree with Jone- us Aussies (well ok I'm a kinda Aussie) tend to be maybe a bit too honest and down to earth. I've been told that sooo many times I've lost count. But in Australia it was normal. And Italians tend to tell you what you want to hear. I gotta say though the Dutch are probably the most brutally honest people on earth (my husband is Dutch so I know!)

Saretta said...

Few people want to know what you really think, they want to hear you say what they already think! LOL! It's called diplomacy...

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Scintilla,
I won't forget to say Positano is more beautiful them then all...gosh. I would be too scared not to say it!

Hi charlie
I would love to meet up. Let me know where and when!

Hi Jone,
I am glad you understand about the strange beach thing here!

Hi Jewel,

It seems from the comments it is us Aussies in general who like to tell the matter who it hurts!

Hi Food Hunter
Glad you liked the story :)

Hi Kataroma said...
Again, I agree with you and Jone...we are really down to earth and brutally honest but I think that is good!

Hi Saretta
Diplomacy...something I have yet to learn :)