Wednesday 10 June 2009

Change in the wind

Sorry all - I am still a bad blogger. I still want to post photos and tell you all about my trips here there and everywhere...but the bottom line is that I am pigra, I am plain lazy and the internet in the office is free but does not let me download photos. This strange, free internet has many limitations ( they not trust us here in the office or something) facebook is banned, I cannot download any photos and I cannot comment on blogs. Not sure why, but I cannot so I just wanted to say I am still keeping up to date with all my favourite blogs but cannot comment on them.

So, anyways while no one is spying over my shoulder in the office let me write!

I must tell you all some exciting news. Since the beginning on March my stomach has been getting bigger and bigger by the month. I was first complimented in late March when I was in Lake Garda for my training course. My colleagues and I took an evening trip into Verona, and whilst I was inside a shop, the assistant glanced at me and said 'Auguri'. I did not really know what she meant, and must have looked confused so she glanced at my stomach and said 'Auguri' again. I was shocked and walked out of the shop speechless.

Now don't go getting ahead of yourselves and start wishing me 'Auguri' too. I am NOT pregnant, and my stomach has been feeling (and often looking) pregnant because...... my TWIN SISTER is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly I am not there to see her pregnant since she is in Australia, but I don't need to be there as I am feeling it from this side of the world. We are not identical twins or anything, but even bel ragazzo commented on my expanding belly the other week (and NO before you ask I am not putting on is just my belly which gets really bloated every now and then.)

So since I will be a twin aunt soon, I am heading back to Australia at the end of my summer season which is the end of October. The baby will only be a few weeks old by then, and bel ragazzo will be coming to join us in December to experience his first hot Christmas and New Years.

Change is in the wind...and the wind I hope is going to blow quite forcefully in the right direction. I will leave you in suspense as to what other changes I am talking about...but you will just have to wait and see.


Jone said...

Fantastic news Leanne!!! Auguri. How wonderful, it's great that you're going back in October to see the new baby, does your sister know if it's a boy or a girl? Or does she want to be surprised? I bet your family are really happy that you're going back. I really miss Christmas in summer, I will be going back in July with my kids and I can't wait even though it will be winter, my parents are beside themselves cause they haven't seen their grankids for a few years. Don't feel bad about not blogging, a lot of workplaces are getting paranoid about Facebook etc.. Next time you drive by Praiano stop by and you can use my computer, no worries. Take care, Jone.

Jewel said...

I never blog at work cause I am paranoid some IT geeks will find my blog and then everyone will know about it. They actually print off a list of all web pages visited by employees and check through them once a month to make sure no one is looking at things they shouldn't.

Congratulations to your sister. Nieces and nephews are great, you get to enjoy them and hand them back when they throw tantrums.

It's quite cold here at the moment, good thing you're not coming back till October.

Gil said...

Glad to hear that you are well. I never even thought about sympathy pains between twins. My Mother told me that I had some sympathy pains because men get jealous!