Thursday 18 March 2010

2 months and counting

It's been two months since the bel fidanzato and I moved to Malito. Two very cold months might I add! Before moving to Malito we agreed that we would give ourselves 1 year: 1 year to find jobs, 1 year to see if we liked living in the village, 1 year to see if we wanted to stay.

This is my first time living in a small, non-tourist part of Italy and I was not sure how I would get by. In Melbourne, London, Rome, Taormina and Sorrento I often went out for a drink after work. I am no drunk but I do like a drink every now and then. When I first visited Malito years ago there was just one bar. It was an old man's bar, like most bars that you will find in small, hiddenaway villages. There is usually a plastic table with a few chairs scattered around and these are occupied day and night but the card playing gangs of older men. I won't even mention the state of the toilets in these 'old man bars' so suffice to say, it was not such a nice place for me to have a drink, never mind the fact that I was always the only female in the bar.

Thankfully there is now another bar in the village, a heated, brightly painted bar that serves great cappucino's and delicious cornetto. The clever owners have built a little room off the main bar for the card playing gangs to do as they want, which means that the rest of the tables and chairs (wood, NOT plastic) are free for myself to sit, and enjoy a drink. The toilets too are better then the other bar (which means there is toilet paper and soap) but being the lovely lady that I am, I have been given permission to use the staff toilets since some of the card playing men do often miss the bowl! But the best thing about the bar is that there are women inside. I am no longer alone. The other night bel fidanzato and I were there and there were at least 4 other women at the bar having a drink! Yes, you heard me right - FOUR other women. This must be a world record or something!

So bar wise I am happy in Malito.

to be continued....

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LuLu said...

We have one bar that from what I understand is really only open in the Spring/Summer months. The bar has a good mix so you never feel out of place. It must be nice to have a place you can go to and feel comfortable in! It will make the warm nights that much more enjoyable! :)

When I was younger there was another bar that had an upstairs which was where the older men played cards day in and day out. I would really only venture up there when I wanted to get some money from my dad to buy a gelato :P

Glad to see things are going well so far. Can't wait to see you this summer!