Saturday 7 August 2010

First communion in Malito

A few weeks before leaving for Scotland, I went outside of our apartment and saw the church decorated with flower petals. I only had my camera with me by chance as had no idea what was going on.

It was the first communion day in Malito and the church was decorated accordingly. Bel fidanzato and I went for a walk, and I noticed that lots of the houses had covers hanging out of the windows. I assumed it was a bit of spring cleaning...but then it was a bit late for that wasn't it? Bel fidanzato explained that some of the people chose to hang coloured cloth from their windows as this is the path that the communion procession will take. It was a lovely site!

The procession started from the main church, then followed the flower petals and coloured cloths until they reached the church up near our house.

Children have to now where the same 'outfit' for the communion. Before children could wear any dress they wanted (girls) and any suit like thing for the boys, but to make it more equal everyone (at least here) has to wear the same gown. I remember when I made my first communion I was so excited to wear a beautiful white dress that my gran had made for my twin and I! I would not have liked to wear the same gown as everyone else, but I do see the point of it.

I didn't actually know about the first communion procession - had I known I would have hung a cloth from my kitchen window which is next to the church. Next year I'll make sure I know in advance so I can add some colour to the town.


LindyLouMac said...

This is just the sort of traditional occasion that for me makes living in Italy so memorable, the way the whole community become involved, because they want to.

Joanie said...

It's always nice to read your story on your blog. DO share your experience in Scotland when you get back.

I hope I can meet you when I visit Italy soon :)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Lindylou,
I know exactly what you mean!

Hi Joanie,
Thanks for stopping by the blog!