Sunday 29 August 2010

Photo night in Malito

The other night there was a festa of sorts up near our apartment. Last year, a cousin of bel fidanzato and some other locals decided to organise an evening in which a section of the village is focused upon, and everyone gets together to look at old photos. We were not here in Malito this time last year, but this year we are not only here, but we are living in the section that would be the focus of the night.

We live up near the church of San Martino and as the late afternoon approached preparations began:

Vines and flowers were used to decorate the area by the church.

A screen was erected for the slide show.

The dessert table was set up and those of us who live in the area hung coloured cloth (or a floral, orange table cloth in my case) from the windows. You can see my kitchen window in the photo.

Bel fidanzato helped carry the church chairs out so that there would be seats for all. The old people arrived very early just to secure the best seats!

Slowly people filled the church steps and by the time it was dark and the slide show had started there was no where left to sit.

I love village life!


LindyLouMac said...

Me too, though we are living in the countryside, a few kilometres from our village. Looks fun and I spot a Fiat 500, love them.

inisonline said...

What a fun night!

thanks for your entry in our giveaway and good luck in the draw!x

Anonymous said...

Looks like the villagers of Malito had a great night out. Well done to bel fidanzato's cousin for having the idea.