Thursday 2 September 2010

Bilingual priests

All is calm on the wedding front at the moment. The venue has been booked, my perfect dress has been found and someone to make it can wait for now, the invitations are half done and once my brother-in-law remembers to give me the printer then they can even be finished, I'm not bothering with booklets for the church and now the church too is sorted.

Bel fidanzato and I were a bit worried about what the parish priest would say. He, like the local doctor, is a fool of a man who makes up the rules as he goes along. Remember our issues when bel fidanzato was getting confirmed? Once we had decided to get married in the church (only to keep my mum happy) we knew that we did not want that priest for the ceremony. He is the dullest man alive and enjoys talking about irrelevant things at weddings. The main part of bel fidanzato's brothers wedding was the priest talking about the lotto and how we should not gamble. At a friends wedding a few weeks ago he talked about baptism and how we all need to be baptised - so you can see he rarely talks about love and what not.

We had to some how get rid of this priest, but without being offensive. We thought it would be hard, but it was not! We went to the church and explained that most of my family does not speak Italian, and we want to have a bilingual ceremony. We casually asked if he spoke English, knowing full well that he did not. The priest said no, and we pretended to um and ah, thinking of a solution. He suggested finding a translator to translate his words (as if!) then we suggested finding a bilingual priest. The priest didn't seem bothered and agreed, saying we can do as we please. (I don't think he really likes us.) We also mentioned that I was pregnant and we wanted to have a joint wedding/baptism. He said he had noticed that I was pregnant (no congratulations or anything, sour, old man) and said that too would not be a problem. Maybe it's because we are already living in sin, maybe it's because we had conflicts with the confirmation, maybe it's because I am pregnant out of wedlock, but he seemed eager to rid us from his church in a hurry. Whatever - we didn't care!

Now to find a bilingual priest, but that will not be a problem as there are a few floating around.


TEFL Ninja said...

I love it ! Two languages and a double cermony ( =

2X massive auguri !!!

Claire said...

ha ha, I love it....a cunning plan to rid the wedding of strange mutterings!
I am back blogging again just in case you wanted to check it out.

When is your due date by the way?

Speak soon


Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Sarah,

Hi Claire!
So you are back to blogging? YAY! We are due 31st January so just now at the half way mark.