Saturday 23 October 2010

Fro big city to small town

There are many reasons why I like living in Italy and in particular why I like living in a small village of 800 or so people. People thought we were mad when we announced that we wanted to relocate to Malito, which is a small village in the mountains about a 20 minute drive from the main city of Cosenza (Calabria.) Before that we had spent most of our time together as a couple living in Rome, some of that time together living in Sorrento and time apart living other parts of Italy (and the world.) People thought bel fidanzato had corrupted me, bribed me or kidnapped me, forcing me to come here. They were shocked when we told them it was actually the other way around - I was the one who first raised the idea of moving to Malito.

We knew we wanted to start trying for a family. We knew that Rome was a beautiful city to visit - but in our opinion not the most beautiful city to live. No, let me rephrase - Rome is a fantastic place to live if you are without responsibilities (like wanting to have a baby) if you have family already living there, and if you have a lot of money. You need good money to live in Rome, two people have to work and have a pretty good wage just to be able to pay the rent. Most people live in apartments and that was not something I wanted. Call me spoilt, but I was raised in a house, with a backyard and this was what I wanted my future child to have. I could not bare the thought of trying to have a baby, all alone, in Rome whilst living in a tiny apartment in the middle of no where. I couldn't stand the idea of having to leave the baby with an unknown baby sitter if I wanted to return to work, and having an apartment so small that the babies cry would vibrate against the walls driving me mad. It was the thought of having a baby that made me decide to broach the subject on moving back to Calabria.

Moving down here has not been without it's problems. Moving to Malito meant making a lot of sacrifices too. Bel fidanzato and I have always worked, and had no problems finding work in Rome. We knew moving down here would mean joining a long line of unemployed people as it is hard to find work in the south. If you find work you get paid a lot less then in other parts of Italy and often finding work does not depend on your merits but who you know. Saying this we knew that the cost of living was a lot less, rather then spending 10 euro on a pizza, you spend on average 4 euro, a glass of wine at the bar will not set you back 5 euro, but about 2. We were lucky enough to have an apartment where we could live rent free and decided to give life in Calabria a go.

We have been here since January and are getting alone pretty well. We have work even if it is not ideal, we have an apartment even if our future home with it's giant backyard is still a few years off and we have back up plans if one day it does not work out. So for now we are not going anywhere at all!


Natalie said...

I just moved to Rome about a month ago and it's my first experience in such a large city. It's fun so far, but I can see why you wouldn't want to live here forever. I hope you love your new home!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I can totally understand you. My husband and I moved out to the countryside last year and although we've made some sacrifices we are so much more at peace here. I was brought up in the countryside so city living never really suited me.

LindyLouMac said...

Well said Leanne, it is much better I agree having done so, to give children a country upbringing if possible.

LaLa said...

You guys seem very content, taking the good with the bad. I hope all continues to work out.

Although the south isn't on my next itinerary, I hope to visit there soon. My next trip will be 1 week in Rome and 1 week in Tuscan Hilltowns. I just moved so it won't be until 2012. Haha so I'll pick your brain if you don't mind. :)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Natalie,
Rome is a great place for a first timer in Italy. Hope you have a great time living there.

Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
I have never lived in the country as such. I have always lived in cities, but when I was in Melbourne we never lived in the city centre, but in a suburb, in a house with a garden it was city, but not city if you know what I mean.

Hi LindyLouMac,
I can't wait to raise the baby with all of this fresh air and out door space for him to play.

Hi LaLa,
You have a nice trip planned. My brain is free to be picked so ask away!

Anonymous said...

hey... I've read your blog for hours. The more i read, the more i think you're crazy!! in one of your latest post you wrote about teaching here in Calabria. So, do you really think you're son will get a good istruction in Calabria?

I'm reading you're blog beacuse i'd like to move from Calabria to Australia someday. I want to move because i don't want my children to live in a place like this!! And i'm trying to find out what pushed you to move here.
sorry my english must be horrible, but i really wanted to say you this thing.