Monday 25 April 2011

Our first Easter with bel bambino was lovely and relaxing. The three of us went for a picnic to our future home, which has been a bit neglected of late. What with the baby, the weather and our wedding being all but 11 weeks away we have not had much time...but after the wedding we hope to begin some serious work. So for now we suffice with an Easter picnic.

You can see that bel bambino was exhausted with all the fresh air. That evening there was a small strawberry party in one of the main squares and thankfully bel bambino likes to sleep with loud music so we were able to relax and eat strawberry cakes whilst our beautiful baby slept. We do get some odd stares when bel bambino is out with us, loud music and all. There are many babies in Malito, must be something to go with the one has money to do much else, but with so many babies, you hardly ever see them out and about, some although little, are already used to sleeping in silence so that they can't go out at all.

On the contrary bel bambino is used to everything. He is very good, sometimes too good...we are not sure exactly what we did to have such a good baby. Ever since birth he has been tranquil, and such a happy, smiling baby! In the last week his new routine sees him sleeping from about 8pm until about 5am....without waking up. He then has a bottle, and goes back to sleep until about 7.30am...or even later. It is not unusual for me to leave for work whilst my two boys are fast asleep still. We are very lucky parents as not everyone has such a good 3 month old (as of yesterday 3 months old.)

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!


Gil said...

What a loving son you have! So cute.

LindyLouMac said...

Three months old already, he looks gorgeous, happy times.

Diane Terrazzino said...

Beautiful baby and a handsome Dad - not forgetting a lovely and wonderful Mum - congratulations to you both, your son is gorgeous,