Monday 1 August 2011

3 p.m

I just couldn't relax at the hair dressers, I couldn't stop thinking about those disgusting flowers. I was fuming...I couldn't sit still which was not helping the hair dresser and as I was telling her the story my aunt walked in. She just wanted to escort my gran to have her hair done, but I stopped her from returning saying that she had to tell bel marito to call the florist and tell them that I wanted my corsage made again, I wanted the massacred flowers to go back to her shop and be made into something slightly acceptable. Why should my family waste their time trying to fix the mess when the florist should be doing it.

Once my hair was done (lovely I must say, the hair dressers in Malito are fabulous) I went home and for about 2 minutes bel marito and I tried not to see each other but it is impossible to have a discussion with someone without looking at them, so it was decided that it didn't matter if he saw my hair before the wedding and we soon were face to face. He had called the florist who said she would try and re-do the corsages if someone went to her and explained what I wanted. No one would let me go, it was 3p.m by this stage so bel marito had said he would go! He is just too kind sometimes, always the peace keeper, always wanting to make me happy, and I told him it was ridiculous for him to waste time at the florist, he was the groom after all! In the end my sister-in-law and her mother (the florists friend) went after I had explained to her over the phone what I had always wanted.


Susan said...

Well now that I backtracked some of your posts I can see I am not the first, but congrats all the same!

Melanie said...

Oh wow! What an absolutely beautiful wedding! Congrats!