Tuesday 20 September 2011

Seeing Italy from a different perspective

People say having a baby changes you, and in my case they don't mean just as a person, but in the way I view the country in which I live.

Italy, the country I chose to live in because it had been my dream, my obsession. Without children, without thinking too much about the future Italy is the perfect place to live, but with a baby and now thinking always about the future...well it's food for thought. The government is always taking money away from education, the price of petrol is literally rising by the day, they are closing down public hospitals left right and centre, there is no future plan to pull Italy out of this economic crisis, especially down here in the south there is next to no work and if you do have work it's normally cash in hand, and should you be lucky enough to find a contract it will be temporary, without benefits and a rather low wage.

And to top it all off Italy is one of the few counties with NO MINIMUM WAGE:.... In Australia, in Britain, in Afghanistan there is a national minimum wage, in Italy no such thing. Friends have told me horror stories about how little they actually earn, and when I say little I mean that it would be considered slave labour in other countries. food for thought.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I know exactly what you mean. I worry about raising my kids in Italy all the time. In many ways it's a wonderful country to live but as time goes by the problems grow and it's quite scary to think about the future. I'm hoping that things will improve but I always have the idea of going back to Scotland at the back of my mind.

Jone said...

I know what you mean Leanne, I left Italy for the sake of my children's future (as well as my own piece of mind) Italy is a beautiful place but you can't just live with that in mind. I'm happy that I had a choice. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you and your family.

Dream Catcher said...

I never knew Italy was that bad.You should put on a balance what's best for your family and head in that direction

LindyLouMac said...

I think once you have a family you look at things very differently Leanne. Sadly there are good and bad points to every country. Difficult times take care.

Giulia to Julia - Italy to Australia said...
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Giulia to Julia - Italy to Australia said...

Sincerely, I reckon you are surprisingly courageous to live in Calabria with your Australian background. And furthermore with such irony that I really love and appreciate!
I can understand deeeeeeply every sensation, feeling and view that you have described in your blog since I moved 3 years ago from the north of Italy (more similar to the rest of the world than the south). I precisely moved from Monza to Cosenza to live with my boyfriend!
However, even if at the beginning all seemed like a suggestive scenario of an old movie, after a while everything started oppressing and obsessing me...EVERYTHING! And you know what's funny? My "bel fidanzato" and I flew to Australia together 5 months ago trying to settle overseas! And now we are working and struggling to get a permanent residence and to start our free family here in Australia... Finger crossed...both for you and me!

ehm...just want to add that I love your country (Oz)!! And I did't mention anything about work in Calabria just not to cry since I love smiling!

Cheers hun! I really like reading you!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Jone,
Everything really does change once you have children...

Hi dream catcher,
Italy has it's ugly side alright.

Hi LindyLouMac
There are so many good points about Italy, but also so many bad. It's always the way, but then we need to see which out weigh the other.

Hi Giulia (Julia)
Wow, so you just moved with your boyfriend to Australia. Where are you from? Not Australian since you said you love my country. Are you Italian? If you check back here, let me know!

Maritime Attorneys said...

Hi Leanne.
I was searching around the web about Italy because we plan to spend our next year`s vacation there. Then I came across your blog and I ended up reading many of your articles. Your story and your inside view about living there is unique and captivating at the same time. You don't get to see a country described too often from a mother`s point of view who moved there, and trying to make a living there.

I don't know much about Italy, but I`m drawn to the simplicity of its rural lifestyle and its stunning landscapes. But the everyday life and work conditions seems rather harsh.

Anyway I`m glad that I came across your blog, it was a refreshing reading material.

Best regards,
a maritime lawyer from California.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Chris,
Glad you like the blog! I too was drawn to the simplicity of rural lifestyle, I live in a small village in a non-tourist part of Italy. It is great, but the work situation and the healthcare state is not so great...