Sunday 27 November 2011

Signed sealed and delivered

It's done. Our fate is in the hands of the Australian Embassy in Berlin. Last Monday we sent our very heavy application and now we must play the waiting game. I was told that they should take payment within 10 days and once done we'll get email confirmation. We should be contacted by a case worker in about 2 months time and then we will see... I'll keep you posted on how the application goes.

Other then that nothing new. Bel bambino is sick, or I should say still sick. He has been sick for 3 weeks now, since we spent our long weekend in Rome. He had a cold that got worse and worse so was put on medication. When finally he was better he woke up Friday night out of the blue with coughing spasms and we had to take him to the emergency room. Just in time the doctor said as his cold that had gone had secretly come back in the form of croup spasms and we caught it just in time. Now back on the meds and see if this time he finally gets better! He can't be so sick though if he shoves meatballs into his mouth (and eyes and nose.)


Anonymous said...

Ohh wow congratulations you must be relieved!! Now the waiting game begins!!
Can i ask you, how did you get your statutory declarations witnessed in Italy? Im going through the process myself and it is soo confusing!!
Anyways good luck with everything!!

easy learn computer said...

hansome boy....

like father n mother like son

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Rosa said...

I hope the little one is better. As I mum of four, I know how you worry.

Mrs D. said...

I hope your star is going better...greetings from Apulia