Tuesday 28 August 2007

When will the scirocco end?

It is still very hot here in Sicily. The winds from Africa don't seem to want to return to their homeland. The weather forecast says the change should come by Friday, but who know...?

Onto better things, Luisa and I went to see a concert at the Teatro Greco on Sunday night. It's pretty amazing listening to live music in an ancient Greek Theatre, with the sea and beyond that Mount Etna as the backdrop. We saw an Italian 'leftist' singer called Fioreall Mannoia and it was great. http://www.fiorellamannoia.it/

She has produced a new album with a Brazilian influence. It did not matter that I had never heard of her or her music before. After listening to her deep, rich voice with the Latin beats, Luisa and I have both decided to go and live in Brazil. The next concert we have is in a few weeks also at the Greek Theatre.

Other then there is nothing to report today from Sicily. I will update you all when there is something more interesting to say!


jack said...

It's true.In Sicily there's very hot in this period.I hope that the temperatures will fall down early.Have a good time in Sicily and,if you are hot,go to sea;) Kisses

Claire said...

Hey Leanne, love the Blog. Check out mine on www.eclair-claire.blogspot.com, its a bit outdated but there is piccies of Sicily for you. Hope the Scirocco leaves soon. Lots of love, Claire

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Thanks for the comments. Let us all hope the scirocco goes soon!

P.S For Claire - I will link your blog to mine.