Friday 18 April 2008

Change in the wind

My bel ragazzo has not been overly satisfied with his new job. He works at a nice 4 star hotel in the centre of Rome but was getting bored...the customers do not treat you well, the pay is average and the conditions not the best since he always seems to work the afternoon or night shifts. We were at a loss of what to do as Rome is a very expensive place to live (as are most parts of Italy) and at the best of times it can be difficult to find a job - and when you do find one then pretty much one persons wage has to go towards renting some small monolocale and paying your bills. You could never live alone in Rome unless you were earning 5 times the normal wage! I love Italy and had not thought of moving, however if bel ragazzo wanted to try and make a go of it somewhere else then I would follow him.

We found out today that we don't have to go anywhere as my bel ragazzo has got a new job...working with me! Yes, he will be working for my company and his job role is health and safety coordinator for Rome and Florence. He will look after the health and safety side of all our hotels, and although my job does not pay the best - we do get a house and all bills and transport paid for which makes it about the same as a normal wage, plus he gets to still work in the travel/hotel industry but can work for an English company and can learn something totally new! Currently we live with my colleague, but they have to find a new house for bel ragazzo (and me) to live in. He will be going to London on 12th May to do a weeks training course so he can get a health and safety certificate. For this job they only wanted to employ Italians as it is very hard for us 'foreigners' to get inside some parts of hotels to do the necessary checks.

I am soooooo happy! More happy then he is I think :)

P.S I have to add this quick stupid tourist comment which I swear is sadly true. The most stupid guests in the world called me the other day and asked me how much they had to pay to see the Spanish Steps! Really...some people should NOT be allowed to come to Rome.

Here are some pictures from EUR which is close to where we live. EUR stands for Esposizione Universale Roma which was meant to be home of the 1942 International Expo. Mussolini gave orders to have this area built and it is full of modern, interesting buildings and monuments which you do not find in the centre of Rome. The expo never took place in Rome (because of World War 2) but the area still stands and is now the headquarters for lots of main companies. There is a lovely man made lake and park area. If anyone lives in Rome, or comes for a visit and wants to get off the tourist track then go and take a stroll around as it is very pretty.


Delina said...

That's brilliant news about the job! Congratulations. Will you be able to tag along for the training week too? :)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Delina,
If only I could tag along for the training week...then I could watch British tv non-stop. You will know what I am talking about, but I used to especially love channel 4 and there crazy documentaries they had. I miss English TV!