Thursday 8 May 2008

Goodbye clean air and affordable prices

Well I am back from Calabria...back to the smog, humidity and tourist infested city that is Rome. Don't get me wrong, I love Rome and think it is one of the if not the most beautiful city in the world - but it sure is expensive here at the moment. It was reported in the news the other week that the cost of living in Rome has surpassed that of Milan, making this Eternal City the most EXPENSIVE place to live in Italy. I know it's true as we are house hunting at the moment for my colleague to move out so bel ragazzo can 'officially' move in...and all I can say is Grazie Dio that work is paying for our house and bills or else I would be poverty stricken in this fair town.

It is not just the houses, but the cost of food too which is astronomical! I loaded up my suitcases in Calabria with as much as I could carry and bel ragazzo will be doing the same when he comes back on Sunday. Enough complaining for the time being...have a look at some pics from down south.

I was not there for long, but other then visiting il dottore and losing a little blood I had time to pick some pretty wildflowers and hunt for some asparagus. (See them in my hand?) It is not really the season, but I was most excited as I have never seen let alone eaten wild asparagus before. Bel ragazzo's fratello is a pro at spotting them and I think given a bit of time I could become a pro too (well I did spot one on my own!)

We went down to one of the families properties, la scuola to see the bees at work. Every year the bee keeper man comes and leaves these boxes for some time as the location of la scuola is ideal for them. For 'leasing' out the land they get paid in honey...and here I was honestly wondering why they always had buckets full of the stuff.

My time in Malito was limited, but we did make time to have dinner with one of the best looking men in the village (and his mum and dad too :)


Cl├ęcia said...

Hi!How are you? I was visiting some blogs and I found yours. Great blog. Congratulations.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Ola Clecia,
Obrigada :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

You must've hit it here during the couple days of cool--it's really been quite lovely. Just like those wildflowers and asparagus :)

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Michelle,
Yes I was there during the cold spell as my boyfriend is still there and said it is nice and warm now!

Airsafe said...

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