Thursday 19 June 2008

Goodbye abusivo house

The owners of my abusivo apartment have said they are wanting to sell it since it seems to be full of so many problems. Until I complained a million times, when ever there was heavy rain we had a nice little pool in the second bedroom and a small waterfall on the living room wall. The bathroom still has not been fixed so when the rain and wind come together as they have been doing for most of the year then we have a serious flood on our hands. We live on the 6th floor and the lift stops at the 5th (well when it decides to work that is) and we were without hot water for 5 days...the list goes on and on. The problems may sound small but we live and work here so it needs to be a nice enough place so that you don't go crazy.

So now that summer is here in all its hot, humid glory we have to find a new place to live and this afternoon bel ragazzo and I are going to view a potential apartment. It is in Garbatella which apparently is a rather nice area of Rome built during the fascist era and has some exceptional architecture. Although it is one metro stop in front of my current place I have never been there, and I worry about this potential house as if Garbatella is a little 'posh' then surely I am going to view a disgusting apartment since it appears to be affordable for Rome standards...

This may be my new view soon...but if it's
1) More then 10 minute walk from the metro
2) Has no air conditioning
3) Feels cramped and small
then I will say no! I am not fussy, I am not paying for the house but I have to live here and work here so come on people - you see what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Garbatella is a cute area, and there's plenty of stuff there... The prices shouldn't be that bad out there. You might also want to look into a place in testaccio- very central and a BIT more affordable than the rest of centro.
Good luck!!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Romerican,
Garbatella was quite cute...lots of nice little shops and restaurants etc...and I'll have to see if there is anything in Testaccio. You know this is my 2nd year in Rome and I still have never explored that area. I keep saying I must go and check it out!