Monday 4 August 2008

Bel ragazzo and I are now a 15 minute walk from the termini station rather then a horrid 15 miunte plus under ground metro journey!

The new house is going well...except for the faulty electrics which means we have limited lights until the electrician comes tomorrow.

We also we have a little private courtyard, which sounds nice and all, but we are on the 1st floor and the courtyard is surrounded by all the other floors like a square going up, so the courtyard is at the bottom and everyone looking down and around can look in...(this makes little sense - I know! I will post a photo soon so you can see what I mean.) Basically we have no privacy what so ever if we want to use this courtyard but since it is a square shape with all the other apartments facing in, the sound bounces back and forth and this morning at 2am we discovered that the neighbours 2 floors up like to watch t.v with the window open and at full blast so we had no peace and quiet - well not until bel ragazzo went out to the courtyard, looked up and yelled at the top of his lungs for them to put the volume down. They listened after the second request was angrily yelled.

And we have a pet bunny. Yes. I thought I was going made when I looked into the courtyard and saw a giant rabbit bouncing around. There is a gap where the neighbours have a courtyard and it seems they have a rabbit who likes to explore and tried to come into the open door off the courtyard - so although I left him some carrots, we have to make sure not to leave the doors open!

I will post photos soon and write some more as we have no internet and looks like telecom will not be setting us up for a while...


LuLu said...

YAY for not having to take the underground metro!! :) Glad to hear the move went smoothly....errr I mean sort of smoothly. Hope all the little blips get smoothed out quickly!! Can't wait to see the pics of the new pad. Ciao for now!!

Monika said...

We have the same courtyard set up as you except for half of ours has a cover (like a patio) on it so it's handy. Luckily our neighbours are very quiet but sometimes I can hear a guy singing and it is loud (not unpleasant but loud).
Haven't had any rabbit visitors in our courtyard, but we have MANY mozzies unfortunately :(

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Lulu,
I cannot tell you how happy I am not to use the metro anymore!

Hi Monika,
So you understand my crazy patio description! We thought of putting up a sheet or something as a cover, but then cannot be bothered as we will not be here for that long.