Wednesday 6 August 2008

Too many people in Rome

Once upon a time (or 10 years ago as bel ragazzo tells me) Rome was a ghost town in August. The whole town set sail, hit the road, flew far a field to escape the summer heat and enjoy a month of holidays.

When I first came to Italy for a holiday 6 years ago my twin, her husband and I were sweating in the August heat in Naples trying to find a bar open to buy a drink...everything was closed and the streets were empty.

When I first moved to Rome in 2006 I was expecting the town to be deserted in August. I remember watching on the news footage of the vacant streets in Milan, thinking how nice and quiet it was. Rome never got as quiet as Milan or the other big cities as it was still over run with tourists, but there were at least less local cars on the road.

This summer however is a different story. Correct me if I am wrong fellow Rome dwellers - but I think that there are the same amount of cars on the road as April, July, December. It could just be any other month! Get out of town!!!! Leave me be!!! At least give us a little peace and quiet since we have to stay here and suffer in the heat!

Perhaps no one can afford holidays this year? Perhaps they have to stay and holiday here, or god forbid - work the whole month through like me!

Anyway - good news is I have the Internet again. Telecom it seems are over efficient. They said they would not be able to come until at least 19th August...and now look - I am on line! A technician came this morning and fixed it all within minutes.

So here are some photos of my less then private courtyard, so maybe it makes sense now.

It is dirty as there is no even though bel ragazzo
tried to clean it, the dirty water has no where to go.

These are the windows head level looking into the courtyard - they are not our windows so the neighbours can literally see everything.

Oh and everyone else can look down onto our courtyard too...

And this is the hole where the rabbit came from, but today there was just the neighbours cat for a visit.


Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

test comment

Anonymous said...

The cate looks like puffin!

Anonymous said...

oopps might help if I spelt cat correctly

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hello Melanie,
Or should I say twin as other people may think this is a strange message!
The cat tried to come into the house last night through the open door but I shooed it away!

Unknown said...

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