Saturday 13 September 2008

Finally the skies have opened

Finally, after months and months and a few more months rain has come to Rome! I cannot remember the last time it rained. I think it was back in May when my parents were here. We had a hint of rain here and there, days where the sky was heavily overcast and you felt a cool change in the air... but that was only mother nature teasing us as she soon took the cool change away and let heat and humidity set back in.

The summer has been long, and I am sure it is far from over, but I am so happy that at least last night I heard and saw some rain, and today I not only used my umbrella but I noticed a definite change in the air. The cool change may not last for long, but it's here and I am could not be happier!

Parts of Italy such as North Sardinia have been hard hit by storms with roads flooded, luxury yachts being over turned and people being evacuated from their homes but luckily here there were no such issues.

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