Saturday 30 May 2009

Love making the Neapolitan way

I am such a bad blogger of late and I have so much to blog about! Bel ragazzo and I have been in giro quite a bit. He goes for work, and I manage to tag along on my days off! We have been back to Cilento with there beautiful sandy beaches, spent a night in Puglia and saw the Trulli houses in Alberobello, and fingers crossed we may be going to Matera this week. I have so many lovely photos but am just lazy since the office computers *when I can actually find a free one to use* do not let me upload photos. Plus there are normally people spying over my shoulder and I do not want them seeing what I am doing!

So I have been a bad blogger of late, but with sort of good reasons.

One things I must blog about, and I have meaning to blog about is something I find so strange, something so odd I still cannot believe it happens.

Let me start from the beginning.

I had just arrived into Naples after attending a training course in Lake Garda. I was sitting by the window in a minibus with my colleagues and we were driving along the main coastal road nearing Sorrento. It was late, and dark. I saw many cars parked on the sides of the road. There were lots of them parked one behind the other but I paid them no attention as people always park where ever they want in Italy.

My colleagues told me that the cars were not empty. There owners had not gone to a night club or for a walk along the beach. No. If I looked closely, they told me I would not be able to see into the cars at all.

Why is that you ask?

Well, that is because the windows were covered with newspapers, sometimes clothes or anything that is to hand.

Why is that? you are surely still asking. my colleagues told me it is because the occupants inside the car are having a bit of *quality time* together if you know what I mean.

I did not believe them at all. I mean...all the cars were parked on tha main road, one next to the other and everyone and anyone could see you parked there. It was disgusting, unromantic, sleazy...they must be joking with me.

Truth came to me in the form of one such parked car bouncing up and down. Oh. Ok. So the people inside were having quite an energetic bit of *quality* time.

I could not believe that this is what people have to do to get some time alone! How disgusting. How embarrassing as everyone knows what you are up to and who with. Imagine that you are going on a date with a person who has a Green VW Golf, Licence plate XXX... Well when I am driving by, maybe on my way back from dinner and I see that car I know then that the date is going better then expected!

To make matters worse the next day if you happen to drive along that road earlish then the empty streets are filled with dirty tissues, old newspapers and god knows what else.

So there you have it...Love making the Neapolitan way


Canedolia said...

It must be because Italians tend to live in tiny apartments with all of their extended family. I agree, it's not very romantic, but maybe it's better than having your nonna listening through the walls!

Lisa at Wanderlust Women said...

Oh, you are missing the WHOLE romance of it all. Step outside our usually uptight customs from the U.S., the U.K. and Australia and enjoy la dolce vita.

Rosa said...

If you use La Gazzetta dello Sport, you get a more romantic atmosphere (pink).

Andrea said...

Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Laura said...

You're fantastic Scintilla! I'll never look at that newspaper again and not giggle a little on the inside. ;-)

Gil said...

That's what happens when you don't have woods to go parking in. We saw couples on motorinos behind the old castle on the Bay of Naples.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi found you over on scintillas blog...oh she made me laugh...yes I think you are missing something, they used to do that years and years ago, in fact It has been going on for years and years...:-)

Monika said...

I'm with you Leanne!
One, i could not imagine anything more uncomfortable especially since the Italians don't drive big cars!
Two, we have a hire car and I always wonder has anything happened in the back seas
Three, my hubby had the misfortune of having to park in a nearby carpark to his work (not the usual carpark on site which was full). It was obviously used for a lot of quality time as he said that he was walking amongst condoms and he was disgusted.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Canedolia,
I think you are correct...making love in a car is better then having to be afraid that your nonna is going to hear!

Hi Lisa at Wanderlust Women, me uptight but I still think it is horrible! I guess I am lucky as I live with my bel ragazzo so we don't have to be parking on the busy roads at night time.

Hi Scintilla,
HA! You make me laugh. Cannot wait to all meet up in July.

Hi Andrea,
Are you speaking from experience!

Hi Laura,
Glad Scintilla had you laughing too!

Hi Gil,
At least the old castel is a little more romantic then a busy road!

Hi Anne in Oxfordshire,
So some things never die it seems. Gosh...what did they used to do before cars. Actually I don't need to know :)

Hi Monika,
I am glad you are with me!

Kataroma said...

Yeah - since the average age of moving out of your parents place here in Italy is 33 - I bet quite a lot of the occupants of those cars are not that young either!

I moved out at 23 which is late for Australia - but my mum never had a problem with me bringing boyfriends home. Most of my friends's families were the same unless they weren't Australian. I think Australians tend to be pretty open and non-uptight about sex. The idea of not letting your 18 year old who lives at home bring boyfriends home seems pretty laughable.

Amanda said...

I have not witnessed it but there is a road by Lago di Averno here that is lined with cars, newspapers in the windows and "quality time" too. My girlfriend has seen it. (By the way, just stumbled on your blog. My hubby is 1/2 Aussie which makes my kids 1/4? We like to think so!) You can find me at Ciao, ciao!