Sunday 23 May 2010


On our way back from Sicily, we stopped by in a beautiful, Calabrian seaside town - Scilla.

Located in the region of Reggio, right down at the bottom of Calabria this town may be small, but it is charming and worth a visit.

Like a lot of seaside towns, there is the hill top part of town which I will admit we did not look at! It looked nice and all, but this was the view from the piazza so you can't blame us for hurrying down there. 

It was a hot, sunny day and it was hard to find a park even though it was not yet the summer season. We managed though, and took a stroll along the seafront. The town is dominated by a castle built into the jagged rocks. According to one of the many legends the name Scilla originates from Scylla - who was a beautiful, young girl. The Marine God Glauco was in love with her and Circe who was an evil wizard, transformed her into a monster.

What ever the history may be, there is no doubting that this town is a hidden little gem on the Calabria coast.



Killara girl said...

omg...this looks exactly like palermo...gosh it brings back memories...i loved it down there, life is so simple...i went down there for 3 summers

Anonymous said...

A Sheila in Scilla? Cool!

Portlandier said...

Beautiful pictures...what a little gem!

Jana said...

wowww, the beaches are breathtaking, lovely shots!

Carolina said...

so glad you shared this little gem! it certainly is a beautiful village and i remember spending a day there with friends- had lunch at a restaurant right on the beach! oh how i wish i were there now! i'm already missing malito terribly and i can't believe it will be another year before we are back!

hope all your wedding preps are coming along nicely :) !!!

Lou said...

When I visited my relatives in Reggio Calabria they took me to Scilla and I absolutely fell in love, I think it is one of the most beautiful places ever. I actually hesitate to tell people about Scilla as I don't want it to become overrun with tourists (even though I was one, but my family is from there so I don't feel like a tourist!). If you go back there you should go to a restaurant called Bleu de Toi - freshest fish I ever had.