Friday 30 July 2010

I'm back

Finally I am back in Italy, back in Calabria, and back in Malito with my bel fidanzato. I was in Scotland - Dundee to be exact - for a little over 4 weeks and that was enough. I was meant to stay longer, but thankfully there were not many students left so I was able to go home early. Scotland is a beautiful place, so green and clean, but the weather was terrible - it rained every second day and I never went outside without my jacket (which thankfully I took since I only threw it in the suitcase last minute!)

I am glad I went as teaching full time in a summer school is a tiring but educational experience in itself which is great for the CV. There were hundreds of Italian, Spanish and Turkish students from 8 - 18 years old, ranging from the beginners to proficient English speakers. I lived on campus at the university and made some new friends, did a lot of shopping and ate lots of Chinese, Thai and Indian food, but am glad to be back home, with the sun shining where the food actually has a taste. I stopped eating fruit and lots of vegetables in Scotland as they taste bland...I am very spoilt living in Italy, especially here in Malito as a lot of our fruit and veg is home grown and the rest is bought from a local mobile shop (a.k.a a truck which comes a few times a week.)

So now I am on holidays for the next 6 weeks so will be updating my blog as I have wedding updates, Malito updates, a few pictures of Scottish castles to share, and LOTS of other news.


Gareth said...

Hi Leanne,

I just stumbled across your site and, wow, what a story! I read all the episodes of your emigration story with great interest. And the photos and images on your site are fantastic. They make ME want to emigrate from Australia to Italy ! I live in Perth but I am from the UK. Ashamed to say that I even when Europe was on my doorstep I never visited Italy. I would like to go there with my wife one day.

Congratulations on your happy life over there.


LindyLouMac said...

Welcome back Leanne. I cannot imagine how bad the fruit and veg tasted for you to have stopped eating them completely. As for the weather well I did wonder how you would get on.