Wednesday 13 October 2010

More house pictures

Sarah-Elizabeth has got some house plans over on her blog. She and her husband are renovating an old country house in Perugia and when I saw her plans, it got me all excited about our plans as some of her ideas are my ideas!

So here are some more photos of our future home. You will have to use your imagination a bit - well, a lot. The other day you saw the old school house rooms which, for the moment, we have no idea what they will be. Let me now show you around the rest of the house.

Here is the picture of the house again.

See that door on the left with the ladder on the ground in front of it? That may very well become the entrance, and will lead into the kitchen/living room. This door leads into the old house which still has dirt floors, and we are hoping to knock down the wall a bit, and make an arch which connects this old house to the 'new' house.

Let's go through that old door.

Opps! The old door is blocked by something, so let's walk around the side, and enter from the other door. This house has about 4 entry doors at the moment. We are going to walk through the door which is closer to the front of the photo.

The door behind that leads into an old chestnut room... Yes, there is a room for chestnut storage and what not, which really needs a post of it's own. I think I am confusing you all as it is! There are two rooms through the door, which are the rooms under the ones we are working on.

We are not sure what this first room will be. It also joins to the new house, so maybe we'll put a doorway in or something. Maybe we'll make it into a storage room for food...maybe laundry/bathroom....maybe a playroom...maybe....maybe...

Let's go through the door, to what we think may become our kitchen/living room.

Now let's enter the 'new' house. There is yet another door, next to the old door we just entered. This is the first room you come to when entering from this door. We don't know what this will be. Perhaps a laundry?

Let's walk into the next room. Perhaps this can become a playroom, computer room library type room? We have enough rooms that the baby and his future siblings can have a room of their own to play in.

If we make the room into the above idea, then it could connect quite well to the next room. Let's keep walking. There is a toilet in between these 2 rooms, which you can't see, but I see no reason why that cannot stay there.

Now this room will most probably become the living room/kitchen. See that far wall with the painting on it? If you knock through that, you have the last old room that we saw. Can you imagine a beautiful archway and an open plan kitchen/dining? We can!

Let's walk upstairs.

This room was a bedroom, and very well may become our bedroom. If you knock down the wall on the right - the wall you can't really see in this photo, then you connect with the old school house.

Here is the second room next to the bedroom. It's a good size bedroom, or a very, slightly too large bathroom. Maybe we want all the children bedrooms on the same floor?

The stairs at the moment only go up one floor, but we're going to have to extend them for the top floor. Above these 2 rooms you just saw, and above the 2 room at the old school house, is an entire floor. This top floor has no connecting walls, so it is the old and new house. Maybe bedrooms and bathrooms? We don't need an attic as we have more then enough rooms (inside and out.)

I must stop with the photos now as I have not only confused anyone who is still reading, but have confused myself!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow! You certainly have a lot to play around with! It is so similar to our house in many ways (only yours is bigger!) I'm really looking forward to sharing our renovation stories and comparing notes as we go along.

Make sure you get a chance to put your feet up too!

Sarah x x

PS I love that your house used to be a school - I always wanted to live in an old school

glenda said...

I love you new house so many things to be able to work with , hey is someone living in it, and cong on the baby

Gil said...

Looks like you two have really thought this out. I can't wait to see pictures of the upcoming work! It looks like people have used the fireplaces to burn garbage. What a shame!!!

LindyLouMac said...

It is so interesting following the plans of both you and Sarah Elizabeth as you start out on your renovation adventures. A big kitchen living room, playroom on the ground floor. Bedrooms and bathroom on the top floor for children once they are old enough, or maybe a self contained suite for the parents. It all sounds fabulous if not I imagine to you at the moment somewhat daunting. Take Care.

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Sarah-Elizabeth,
We certainly do have a lot to play around with...too much so it makes it all the more confusing!

Hi glenda,
Someone was living in the house until a few years ago. They use it now as a place to store stuff.

Hi Gil,
I have no idea why the fireplace part is all black. It doesn't really matter as we're just going to have to chip away at those parts too since all of the walls need to be enforced with some metal rods.

Hi LindyLouMac,
It does seem daunting to us at the moment, what with all that we have going on!!!

Lisa Chiodo said...

OMG it's fantastic! We renovated through 3 pregnancies, our kids were one and three when we went to live in Italy. How great it is to be able to connect with someone who sees that hidden possibility. We have renovated before in Italy (it also had a chestnut room, is yours split level for smoking them?) and are about to do it all again (just bought a house in Veravo, Liguria). ciao for now Lisa