Thursday 21 July 2011

Back tracking tag

I was wondering how I would get back to the world of blogging. I've got so much to update that I'm not sure where to start. My family is almost all gone. One aunt remains and after that bel marito (gosh he's had a few name changes in this blog hasn't he. Bel ragazzo then bel fidanzato now bel marito which means beautiful husband.) bel bambino and I will be going home. Where are we, you ask. We are still in Malito, but when my parents, twin sister and nephews arrived a few weeks before the wedding we traded houses with my in-laws. The house was quickly turned into a kindergarten-hotel what with all the babies and craziness, and my in-laws were kind enough to go and live in our small, beautiful, up-a-really-steep-driveway-and-many-many-stairs apartment.

So before back tracking into my lovely but not at all calm wedding, the experience of having Malito invaded by about 20 Australians, holidaying out and about in Calabria etc...I will reply to a tag by Cherrye from My Bella Vita a fellow new mum and Calabrian expat. So let's look at some old posts.

Most beautiful post More of a beautiful memory than a beautiful post, but the night bel marito proposed to me

Most popular post Are Italian men hot or what? This post has had an insane number of hits, but as you can tell by the title it was bound to be popular.

Most controversial It caused a lot more controversy than I had expected, I actually I thought it would be a rather helpful post...The cost of having a baby in Italy was bound to be a touchy subject.

Most helpful I don't really view my blog as helpful. It is a way of keeping up to date with mostly my family back home, and also a way to vent off my anger and frustration, but this post about taxi prices in Rome was well received as helpful.

A post whose success surprised me Red Light Rome According to my stats this is the 3rd most popular post. I think people are looking for more information however and are probably disappointed that I don't have any juicy details about the prostitutes in Rome.

A post which didn't get the attention it deserved I can't think of anything.

Post I am most proud of Our baby boy I guess it's not so much the post which I am proud of, but by the person the post is written about! I can't believe that almost 6 months have passed since the day bel bambino was born.

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