Saturday 22 October 2011

He's Australian!

It's official. Bel bambino is now Australian! We received a lovely certificate in the post the other day and now we have to get him a passport. We need to apply in person at the Australian Embassy in Rome so we have decided to make a little holiday out of it and go up to Rome for 2 nights next weekend. I must say that when bel bambino heard the news he was very excited!
We haven't yet completed the Australian migration application. The form itself is not so long, but the evidence required is. We need proof of everything, joint finances, proof that the relationship is genuine such as photos, love letters, cards, joint travel, proof of income for me to be bel marito's sponser, we're printing off old emails, bank statements payslips, residency certificates, birth certificates....gosh, the application is about 1cm thick at the moment and growing. Hopefully once we have some of our house documents finalised we can apply.    


Gil said...

Congratulations! His shirt certainly defines him. He looks like a real happy and loving kid - good work.

Iain-down under said...

Congratulations to all of you. Hopefully the rest of the process is not too stressful and difficult.


Anonymous said...

Hello Leanne,

Congratulations on the passport for your baby.
I have other questions starting from where we left in your other post, that is NHS in Australia.

1 - How much do people pay per year for a private insurance in Australia to cover for medical coverage ?
2 - You complained about you and husband not having a contract and earning little money.
Given that we think of net incomes, how much does a teacher of a kindergarden earn in Australia Vs Italy ?
Can you give me a rough idea of what is the difference in Euros between an Australian salary and what you experienced in South Italy ?
3 – Is it true that a person in his twenties-thirties can buy a house and a car after 5 years works (Here in Italy it takes 30 years of mortgage for a house) ?

Thank you

Angela said...

Hi Leanne,
Congratulations on the news!!! Bel Bambino is looking gorgeous!!! Can i ask you a question? When you talk about joint finances what does the australian migration require? Is it a must to have some sort of joint account or is it just preferred? Also how would one give proof of income if you are still working overseas?
Sorry about all the questions, hope you dont mind im just curious for future reference.
Thanks heaps!!!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Gil,

He is a very happy baby, we are lucky.

Hi Ian,
We hope the process will be ok...we have to wait and see.

Hi Giorgio,

I cannot answer your questions so well as I have not lived in Australia for a long time so have no idea how much private insurance costs. It depends if you have pre-existing medical conditions but if you don't and you want basic cover it is not so exensive.

Again I don't know how much a kindergarten teacher earns in Australia, but the minimum net wage for full time is 38,000 and this is for example someone working at a supermarket, a call centre possibly. Here in Italy there is no minimum wage. The Australian one includes pension contributions known as superannuation. Here you have to check they pay your pension as my first job said they did, they didn't, they kept 20% of my wage and then skipped the country!
In the south per year you are lucky if you make 12,000 net

Buying houses is expensive and it's not true that in 5 years someone can buy a house in the city. Maybe if they buy a cheap house in the middle of no where then it can happen but house prices are very expensive. If you want a small apartment then they are cheaper and if you live further out they are cheaper too. The mortage is the same as in Italy but we would be making more then we can ever make here.

Hope that helps. Are you thinking of migrating?

Hi Angela,
I will have a post on what is needed to migrate so stay tuned!