Sunday 27 April 2008

Pretty wildflowers

I was just doing a random google search under the subject Malito which is the name of my bel ragazzo's village in Calabria when low and behold we came across some photos of the town. There was one photo in particular that caught my eye as it appeared to be wild flowers in the countryside, so I double clicked on the photo for a close up view and was a photo of bel ragazzo's house!

You may recall reading here that bel ragazzo's family have a few houses in the village. Officially there is the one that the mamma, papa and fratello live in (and bel ragazzo and I when we go back for a visit.) There are another two town houses in the medieval centre - both are uninhabited and need a bit of work done and the fratello and his fidanzata want to renovate one of them for when they eventually get married. (Both town houses are next door to the other which is handy for knocking down walls and making a bigger house.) Then we move onto the countryside where there are three houses and one plot of land that I am aware of. (I think there are many plots of land around the place as occasionally when we drive around bel ragazzo will say 'that's ours too...')

There is the place that I call La Campagna which is used for parties, dinners, storing wine, chopping down trees etc... Further down the road there is La Scuola. This is an enormous property with acres of land and a few buildings which used to be a small school. The fratello wanted to do this place up, but perhaps in the future as it will be cheaper for them to renovate the smaller house in town. Then there is the last place which I call bel ragazzo's house as this is the house that maybe he (we) would like to restore one day (I am not saying that we mean to live there for ever and ever for those family members who are reading this...yes twin - I mean you! We are thinking to have a have a lovely holiday home.) We worked on this house when I was in Malito at the start of the year - just clearing some trees and weeds etc... I never posted a photo of the house on the blog - no reason - just have not done so and now thanks to my google search I have found a beautiful photo. Giuseppe Gaudio posted these on and if you type Malito on Google Earth then the photo comes up too and you can see where the house is!


Piccola said...

Wow, it looks like a really beautiful place with fields of flowers.

tanny said...

That is so beautiful -would love to meet up with you and have you give me some pointers of Rome, we will be their next week Hubby and I are so execited--Glenda

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Piccola,
I have never seen the house in the spring time but cannot wait to go when it is full of flowers!

Hi Tanny,
So you are planning a trip to Rome and are here next week! So soon but next week to tell you the honest truth I am going down to Calabria! I go on Monday the only time I am not in Rome is next week!

tanny said...

Yes but we will be their till the 21 of May, Glenda

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Hi Glenda,
You are in Rome for some time. Email me if you have a specific query as once I am back from Calabria my parents are coming to Rome!

Susan said...

Found your site after a Google search on Malito, the birthplace of my grandfather though which I hope to obtain my Italian citizenship. Only browsed through the 2008 posts so far. Lovin' it and shared w/ the family. Susan Michele Priano ancestors are "Gagliardi" from Malito, Francella from Paterno Calbro, and Praiano and Zungrone from Maida. Thank you for your lovely work.